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Formed in 2005, word of the band's live shows quickly became well known around the Houston and Texas music scene and signaled a change in the structure of the whole scene..     Their debut album (Soul Element), released independently on 8/19/08 was met with acclaim from old and new fans of all kinds. The album is currently available instores in several Best Buy locations, or you can get it online from Best Buy,, iTunes, Hot Topic, etc. Alongside the album, The band has always made it a point to pour everything they've got into every performance, anytime, anywhere, any stage, any size crowd...A regular touring schedule and having shared stages with national bands like Korn,Karnivool,Walls Of Jericho, Ill Nino, Otep, Flaw, Fair To Midland, Nonpoint, Karnivool, Rehab, Crossfade, Trapt, Taproot, Adema, and countless others has helped the band to push the live show to new levels.. 

"We're on a mission here, this band and these songs aren't just an option for us, it's all we have.."

"We'll never quit, period..." -Saturate


Saturate   "Damage The Memory"

I am so impressed with this album on every level it's hard to decide which direction to go with this review. I could go on about the various musical elements from the solid and tasty bass and drum groves. The guitar riffs to die for, penetrating and powerful  yet blended perfectly with a brilliant sense of tone and melody. The vocalist has true power in his voice as the lyrics capture the listener and take them on a journey into the heart of each song. The band has put a great deal of time and thought into every song and they are able to convey a wide range of dynamics and don't lose your attention for a second. Then there's the production... Definitely one of the best sounding recordings of any band, any time or anywhere! Such clean brilliant tracks with a full and rich sound without sacrificing the individual tones and presence of each instrument. An excellent mix between the powerful driving music and the clear vocals and harmonies that sit just nicely on top.

This isn't the first time around the block for these guys and you can hear it in every second they play. They've toured and recorded together since the band formed in 2005 and have shared the stage with some well known names, Korn, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool just to name a few. There's no hype or gimmicks here. It's the real deal. A road worthy band with a clear vision added to exceptional musical and writing ability.

We were fortunate to get the opportunity recently to interview Mike Mexas, guitar player and founding member of the band to talk a bit about where they've been, what they have going on now and what the future holds for Saturate. Be sure to hit our "Interviews" page link and listen for yourself.

I can't tell you enough about this EP.

 It is a Must Have for any collection.    Get yourself a copy of  Saturate's  "Damage The Memory"    

You will thank me.

 Dan\Morbid North    Antisocial Hound


Saturate Interview  


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