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Distant Lights, the 4-piece classically trained rock powerhouse out of Austin TX, combine equal parts science, artistry, curiosity, and tenacity to convey a truly magnetic passion for songwriting and live performances. For 7 years, DL has been crafting their aggressively beautiful, and hauntingly intense alternative rock. Hues of dark and mysterious blend with a colorful palette of melody and classical exploration, toeing the line between rock and performance art, pop and metal, serenity and a storm. While the bands rock shows are full of exciting lights, lazers, video projections, and holograms, they are just at home on the acoustic stage, playing more and more “unplugged” shows as of late. This spring Distant Lights releases “Beneath the Waves”, an Acoustic EP (their 3rd studio album), followed by the feature length documentary Blindfolded on the Horizon. The film explores their path and progression from a cello heavy prog rock band, through the deep chasm they were thrown into after the disappearance of their principle investor/mentor, and the long road of recovery through member changes and individual struggles. Constantly evolving and growing both musically and spiritually, this new album and documentary offer a vulnerable look behind the curtain at their songwriting process, current obstacles, and the purging of their past skins. “These songs are passionate and real…this acoustic album is a release from all the bounds we thought entangled us in the first two rock albums” says vocalist Gabriel Fry.   

   Distant Lights range from hard-hitting rock to meaningful and emotional acoustic songs.

These are just a couple of tracks from the latest release "Beneath the Waves"  it was so hard to make a decision. It's one of the best crafted albums we heard in a long time. We could rave about the musicianship, the recording, the vocals and everything about this record but to do it justice listen for yourself.   They are all stunning tracks on "Beneath the Waves"

Distant Lights  -   Beneath The Waves
Distant Lights  -  Too Late
"Hey, check out this album". That's all I was told. So, I gave it a listen not expecting very much. I was totally sucked into the emotion and feel of this superb album. There is nothing about Beneath The Waves that I would criticize or change. Everything about it is top quality. Superb song writing that coveys the message and pulls you into the emotion of each song. Distant Lights have got this so right. There is obviously a lot of talent in this band and it comes across throughout the album. Do yourself a favour...  Get yourself a copy of "Beneath The Waves"... Andy Green.. Hound Music A&R

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but we would suggest you  buy the albums. They are a "Must Have".





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