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"`Wow, he can play! It's a standard reaction to a chance encounter with British blues man Larry Miller, and is typically followed by another thought: Why isn't he a superstar?` maybe that's the Unfinished Business' Miller is referring to.
A big live draw for many years, Miller is now starting to write albums that bottle the white heat of his shows, and you sense this latest effort is his best shot at the A-list. Back in 2008, we were impressed with Outlaw Blues, but Unfinished Business is even better: a taut, fiery, ambitious record. With stinging riffs dropping like mortar fire, there's a temptation to categorise Miller as a `guitar hero` but that's a disservice to his excellent original writing and battle-scarred voice box. Business is good."

Classic Rock Magazine 

"Holding his captive audience in a packed out venue hypnotising them into a trance with his guitar skills. A true master at work who many have said fit's a void left by the great late Rory Gallagher. Much respected within the music industry by fellow artists who have nothing but good words to say about him and his guitar playing ability"

Blues matters 

After picking up his brother's guitar and writing his first song, he felt his future lay in Rock music, being influenced by some of the guitar greats - Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore. "For me, my moment of inspiration was seeing Rory Gallagher live, I had never experienced anything like it. So loud, so gloriously on the edge of total mayhem, yet Rory was still totally in control. How could I not do this too! Like Rory I'd work under my own name, with a band. I'd do all the writing, singing, producing, playing and leading."

Very quickly, Larry found his own Blues/Rock style, and has been constantly refining it. He is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, with a love for his music which is simply infectious. 

After many years in the music business and touring constantly, Larry has built up a large following across the UK and building an ever increasing army of fans in Europe. His status as guitar slinger, is becoming legendary with his exciting, mesmerising guitar playing and rip roaring live shows. His engaging personality brings a dimension of showmanship to his performances like no other. In 2009, Larry played an amazing seven encores at the Cambridge Rock Festival and a declaration was made of a "National Larry Miller day". This is embedded in the festival's history and he returned in 2010 to a standing ovation and the biggest crowd of the festival. He is unique, there is only one Larry Miller.



Larry Miller has released 6 albums, all of which have had critical acclaim. The latest being 'Unfinished Business' which has had   rave reviews. One journalist in his review stated " Unfinished Business is the business" and Classic Rock magazine wrote  a glowing review of the album, giving it a top five star rating asking "Why isn't he a superstar"?

Larry Miller plays Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars through Marshall amplification. Larry says "Like many guitar greats, I have used Marshall for years as it gives me exactly what I need for my live shows and I am proud to be sponsored by Marshall".











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