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Even though The Alibi is quite recent, their musical journey actually begun in the summer of 2011 when Liam and   Johanie started recording homemade demos. In order to play their original songs at live shows, they looked for other  musicians and met Hyrum, who became the permanent guitarist of the band. They also met Karine, who showed  interest for the music, although she didn't become part of the project at the time.  In summer 2012, the band  jumped on the opportunity to open for an established Torontonian rock band. Eager to perform live again, they  recruited a singer within a month, while a good friend of theirs filled in on drums. After breaking the ice at Petit  Campus under the name ÆtherState, the young line-up was then joined by a new drummer and played a couple  more shows. Feeling the needs to practice more often and to refine their signature sound, they moved in their own  rehearsal space in downtown Montreal.     


During spring 2013, the singer and drummer left, leaving only the 3 original  members to take care of the project. In order to keep their  creations moving forward, the then incomplete line-up started working on lyrics, resulting in the songs you hear today. Still in touch with Liam, Karine expressed her interest  and became the band's new drummer, while friend and former band mate Gen joined the team as lead vocalist.  The Alibi was born.  For the following year, the 5-piece band played several shows around the city, including an  opening spot at Le National for good friends October Sky and Shine Lion. They also recorded updated versions of  their original songs, as well as brand new material. During summer 2014, Gen left the band in good terms after  moving out of town. The remaining members then started looking for a new lead singer and met Nicole, who quickly  became the voice of the project.  The band felt like it was finally the right time to hit the studio and recorded their first  5-track EP, Break the Distance, at Silver Wings Studios. 


Though relatively new on the scene The Alibi is a project that has been developed over several years. Founded in 2011 by Liam Delay(Keys-Guitars-Vox) and Johanie Beaulieu(Bass Guitar) over a shared interest in writing and recording original music. They soon added Hyrum Wild(Guitar-Vox) and began to create the foundation of the band. In 2013 they hooked up with Karine Mirambeau(Drums-Vox) and began playing gigs around the Montreal area. It wasn't until after the summer of 2014 when they met the voice of the band Nicole Gibson that they truly solidified the line-up and sound of the band.

Then there was no turning back. They went in to Silver Wings Studios and recorded their first 5 song EP "Break The Distance". The EP is a mix of alternative and progressive rock with exceptional musicianship and pristine vocals, clean yet powerful with an almost operatic quality at times. The songs are very well composed with each instrument complimenting one another. The production is excellent. Every note sounds polished and deliberate. The tasty use of delays and vocal effects as well as multiple harmony parts add depth and strength to the overall sound.

This is a great EP and I would highly recommend getting a copy and I definitely look forward to hearing more from this talented group in the future.

 Dan\Morbid North   Antisocial Network Radio


Young. Enthusiastic. Talented. The Alibi have come up with a combination that works. Progressive but with what I would call "saleability" rather than commercial the EP "Break The Distance" is a great first effort and contains everything to demonstrate the ability of the individual musicians. If they can build on this excellent start, they should do well. Get yourself a copy and hear the real quality of production that is somewhat lost with mp3 and streaming.         Andy Green   Hound Music.


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