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Orchard Hill are a female fronted pop/rock band who have earnt their reputation as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the Oxfordshire area through relentless gigging, energetic shows and great sounds. Performing on tour as main support for Room94 and having played alongside Young Guns, Orchard Hill have played at many of the biggest and most respected venues and festivals in and around the uk.
Orchard Hill have never sounded so focussed and relevant and will continue touring around the UK and Europe this coming year.

On hearing a random song my reaction was "Wow who's that !". It turned out to be a track from "Make It Out Alive" by Orchard Hill a totally new band to me. " Young, Exciting, Energetic, Entertaining" are all words that describe this Oxford UK based line-up. The songs are skillfully put together and keep the attention. I strongly recommend checking them out, buying the EP and catching them live...    Andy Green...  Hound Music.

“Make It Out Alive” contains all the hallmarks of Orchard Hill’s sound, combining layered and distinct instrumentation that support the powerful vocals of front woman Tiff Nicholson. With a power-pop melody built upon a heavier backbone, the track stands as the culmination of years of songwriting and gigging and finds Orchard Hill progressing into the headline band they deserve to be.  get your rock

I have just recently heard this band from the U.K., Orchard Hill, and I'm very impressed. They have an awesome sound which is totally current and yet distinct and unique. The band has great attitude and a positive outlook giving them that certain edge I feel will be able to smash it's way into the North American markets. I'm sure this band will be extremely successful and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. If you haven't checked them out yet I highly recommend you do. I would love to see them perform live and I'm hopeful they will tour North America soon.  Dan \ Morbid North  Antisocial Network Radio


Orchard Hill are........

Mark French: Drums     Jamie Rogers: Guitar/Vocals     Tiff Nicholson: Vocals     Mark Langlay-Smith: Guitar


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