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"On January 18th 2014 in a little room, four strangers met and began an Incredible Journey of Music and Brotherhood....And so began a Paramount Adventure of Epic Proportion!"

Ravenscroft is Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul! 
Our sound is derived from the very Best of Old School meets New School Hard Rock. 
Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack!
Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge!

Clip from Antisocial Network Radio 3rd August         Full Show Here
“Black Sabbath meets Tool, Drowning Pool meets Shinedown, Creed meets Godsmack! Ravenscroft is very Familiar, yet very New, Original and Cutting Edge!” That’s what was said in Ravenscroft’s bio on Reverbnation. Now if you’re anything like me before listening to music you would’ve just gone “Pffffft!! Yeah right! Same shit, different day I bet!” As I am very terrible at predicting the future, I should’ve known  I’d be proven wrong. . . Each and every one of those comparisons are accurate, too. The overall tone of the preview for “Cosmic Plan” is very smooth and free flowing such that I’ve no doubt that just about anyone can like this music. The vocals have the sound of the higher end of melodic rock band singers and that gives the songs a very nice approach to them along with the guitars that hover between melodic and hard rock while still keeping the rhythm ever at hand. And the drums have a great beat and pace the entire time and that makes this preview all the better. You can check out Ravenscroft’s preview fof “Cosmic Plan” on Reverbnation which I highly suggest, and sadly I do not know when the full version will release so don’t ask me when it is because I won’t know at all.

 Head Banger Reviews

Hailing  from Costa Mesa, California this is a band to watch out for. A Powerful, Driving sound delivered with class.    We can see good things ahead for these guys so jump on the fan train now before it gets up to full speed...    Andy, Hound Music






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