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Members of The Drama Club and An Albatross reunite to form Death Valley Dreams  

DEATH VALLEY DREAMS, the brand new 4 piece indie rock/new wave/neo-psychedelic/post-punk band from the woods of Pennsylvania is set to release their debut EP on January 15th digitally worldwide. The band consists of long time friends and band-mates Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Champion) and Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross), who recently reunited, along with other long time friends and band-mates Ryan Dougherty and Matt Rutkoski.  



Nick Coyle - Vox/Guitar/Keys      Jon Nova - Guitar/Keys/Vox       Ryan Dougherty - Bass/Vox        Matt Rutkoski - Drums/Samples

Brought together by their common love for a real and live approach to music. The band, who only formed in the fall of 2015, have already formed a strong bond both personally and musically. Combing haunting guitar textures, strong melodies, dark and thought provoking lyrics, pulsing groves, and almost nostalgic sounding synth parts. They have truly created something unique and "alive". Collectively they have all played in numerous bands together over the years. All with hundreds of shows under their belts. A group of working musicians coming together with a common goal. To play music they love.

 "Really impressed by this first release by Death Valley Dreams. It takes me to a place that is reminiscent  of good times and great music but at the same time up to date and new. These are obviously skilled and experienced musicians and song writers that draw on many influence and combine them in a fresh sound. The album is a "must have" for lovers of good songs that carry you on a journey. "    Andy..  Hound Music

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. "Ready for something special? Then we suggest taking a good deep listen to the self-titled debut EP from Death Valley Dreams. The five track treat is a gloriously rousing and dramatic roar fusing eighties seeded new wave and post punk with the kind of psyche/indie rock only modern imagination can conjure, and subsequently one riveting exhilaration of sonic contagion. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Death Valley Dreams consists of long-time friends and band-mates, vocalist/guitarist Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Champion) and guitarist/keyboardist Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross) alongside similarly established friends in bassist Ryan Dougherty and drummer Matt Rutkoski. Formed in the fall of 2015, it is fair to say that the quartet hit the ground running in creativity and an instinctive union of their talents as proven by this first release. The EP is a seriously accomplished and skilfully sculpted blaze of bold imagination and open passion leaving ears blissful and an appetite for more greedier than flies on a desert lying carcass."
  -  The Ringmaster at Zykotika

 "Death Valley Dreams’ new self-titled EP is 2016’s first great EP.  For those that might be less familiar with the Pennsylvania-based quartet, its name sounds ominous. That goes without saying. But in listening to the band’s debut EP, audiences will realize that the band’s name is quite misleading. The reality of Death Valley Dreams’ sound is that it is more akin to the likes of Modest Mouse and others of that ilk than what one might think from the band’s name alone. And that is not a bad thing, either. The thought-provoking lyrical content presented in each of the record’s songs is just as interesting as its musical content. Both elements combined, they make Death Valley Dreams’ nineteen-minute run time pass without listeners even realizing it. That is evident right off the top in the record’s lead song ‘Words Like Fire.’ The song’s 80’s new wave-influenced sound coupled with its deep lyrical content makes it a composition that will keep listeners engaged and talking well after the song ends. ‘The Darker Years’ is another example of how the combination of the EP’s musical and lyrical content makes this record well worth the listen. ‘Take a Look At Yourself’ is one more example of what makes Death Valley Dreams such an interesting first effort from the band. All three songs show by themselves to be enjoyable works. Altogether they paint a picture of a band that has real potential. The same can be said of the record’s remaining pair of songs ‘Turn Out Those Eyes’ and ‘Never Meant For Anyone.’ Regardless of which song(s) listeners choose as their favorite(s) on this recording it can be said that all five songs show collectively why Death Valley Dreams is 2016’s first great new EP."
- Philspicks

 "Sitting down at my computer for what feels like the first time in 2016, I follow a link sent to me for a review. No biggie I’ve done this plenty of times before. When the first track of Death Valley Dreams self-titled EP fills my speakers I instantly imagine myself sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere, during the early nineties. This is how peaceful the intro too Words Like Fire makes me feel, before it quickly picks up its pace and I am met with the unique voice of Nick Coyle. Needless to say his voice quickly became one of my favorite.  The second song of the album entitled The Darker Years has a Kings of Leon kind of feel to it which I totally love! There is a perfect mix of drums played by Matt Rutkoski, and guitar played by Jon Nova.Turn out Those Eyes is the third track on the album and probably my favorite. The different octaves that Nick can reach really go well with this track. When he’s not singing the chorus his voice is deep and rugged. When the chorus kicks in his pitch is higher which to me has a very good contrast to the rest of the song. Bassist Ryan Dougherty showed off his skills in the fourth track of the album Take a Look at Yourself. Going back to what I said about the first track, hearing this song makes me feel like I am back in the early nineties when the world wasn’t so complicated and everyone was focused on being all they could be. Never Meant for Anyone is the final track on the EP and it has some very chilling sounds to it. Every single aspect of this song blends in perfectly. Like a Peanut Butter and Jelly, they are just meant to be together! I can honestly say I am really looking forward to what Death Valley Dreams will put out in the future."



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