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In The Beginning... is the debut album from the band Wolfborne. It started as a project to create an album that would redefine this generation’s Rock music and with the help of producer Garth Richardson the plans were put in place. Pre-production of the album began with guitarist Lanning Kann of Dodging Daylight,  and engineer Nick Rowe of Bloodsimple. Together they wrote many songs that were then sifted through by Garth to create a solid, powerful, and magnetizing album.

Wolfborne  - interview  with Lanning & Chris in Reading UK


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Have you ever noticed with most bands on the local scene there's always that one person that stands out? It could be sheer ability or they have great stage presence or any number of factors. Now just imagine going through your local bands and "cherry picking" the very best of the best. A dedicated group of professional musicians all focused on one common goal. That is exactly what the guys in Wolfborne have done and in a big way.

With their debut CD "In The Beginning" barely of the press the band has hit the ground running. Already touring internationally with some big name acts like "Soil" and "Hed PE" to name just a couple the guys are taking the audiences by storm. The opening acts never get full use of the sound system and light shows that the headliners get and yet Wolfborne has the listeners completely captivated and they rock the crowd night after night. The strength of the musicianship and years of experience is a major driving force. These guys can play. 

The album reflects the over-all professional attitude the band has. The songs are very well written and produced. No filler, No regrets. Every song feels deliberate and intentionally placed, like albums used to be, creating a unique listening experience not found in today's "single" driven market. Not to imply the album lacks a hit, quite the opposite in fact. Songs such as "Sex Sells", "Let It Rain" and "Jellyfish" have huge commercial potential and have become instant hits with our listeners.

This is truly one of the strongest debut albums I've ever heard. A perfect blend of musicianship and writing ability that has been harnessed to create a current and marketable piece of art.

To find out more about this awesome new band.. Be sure to listen to the interview "The Dog" did with the guys during their recent UK tour.

Wolfborne is on my personal "Must See" list and I can't wait to catch a show.   Be sure watch out for this band they are touring everywhere

 Dan\Morbid North    Antisocial Hound




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