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October 2014

Hound has joined forces with Antisocial Network Radio.

In a combined effort to bring exposure to  great rock music we have set up some dedicated pages.

These pages will contain interviews, reviews, replays of radio shows and more.

We are calling it....    ANTISOCIAL HOUND    Check It Out

23rd May 2014

Hound Music has been recognized as a 2013 United Kingdom Excellence Award recipient by  the US Trade & Commerce Institute. 

Our panel of industry executives and consultants oversees an annual survey commissioned by the USTCI on various industries and determines which international companies meet and exceed the industry benchmarks that have been set forth. Hound Music was one of those selected this year.

April 2014

Preparations are taking place for the many festivals coming up. 

This is also a buys time for us as we support many artists and organisers. 

3rd January 2014

Happy and successful new year to everyone. A few more tweaks have been done to the site.

  21st November

We now have Antisocial Network Radio on site. A fun station with some good Indie music.

    2nd November

Artist list page and the new look Indie pages are finished.. We've also added a Search facility.

    8th September

Well, we're getting there with the rebuild. 

The new look is on all the Hound pages and there is now a page listing Indie artists in alphabetical order  


More to come

The rest of the site will be available once everything is done.

Please be patient for a few more days.

5th September

We are have been busily occupied with festival admin and other music related things over the last couple of months.

Oh, and Reading Festival was a blast. Thank you to everyone who made it a huge success as usual.

check out the photos, videos and tickets for 2014.

We now also have info for  " The Danger Zone "  on  HD1 Radio  on site. 

You can find all the links for the Indie Artists on the show there.