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3rd January 2014

Happy and successful new year to everyone. A few more tweaks have been done to the site.

  21st November

We now have Antisocial Network Radio on site. A fun station with some good Indie music.

    2nd November

Artist list page and the new look Indie pages are finished.. We've also added a Search facility.

    8th September

Well, we're getting there with the rebuild. 

The new look is on all the Hound pages and there is now a page listing Indie artists in alphabetical order  


More to come

The rest of the site will be available once everything is done.

Please be patient for a few more days.

5th September

We are have been busily occupied with festival admin and other music related things over the last couple of months.

Oh, and Reading Festival was a blast. Thank you to everyone who made it a huge success as usual.

check out the photos, videos and tickets for 2014.

We now also have info for  " The Danger Zone "  on  HD1 Radio  on site. 

You can find all the links for the Indie Artists on the show there.